What Existing Technologies Does Drone Detection Sys Propose to Detect Unauthorized Drones?

If critical infrastrucutres or end-users do not implement a C-UAS solution, they will not be able to detect the drones which will not be registered or which do not transmit any Remote-ID. In order for future U-Space to detect a maximum of drones, appropriate sensors need to be installed.

Among all the numerous existing products on the market, we strive to find and to propose the most appropriate and more efficient sensors to set up a drone detection solution adapted to your needs and environmental constraints related to a clearly defined legal framework.

Our primary mission is to propose these C-UAS sensors for a civilian use and not only a military use. This is why the legal framework is highly important as these sensors will depends on several laws such as telecommunication laws and data privacy laws.

We do not propose a sensor, a methodology or a product that can detect only a single drone brand name or a drone manufacturer or only two or three mass market drone manufacturers.

If a product or a solution can detect solely one or two manufacturers which have 80% percents of the civilian drone market shares, it does not mean at all that this product or solution will detect 80% of the rogue drones or threats.

Consumer drones (COTS) can be easily modified. Modified drones (MOTS) will not be detected by such product or solution.

Thus we propose technologies or sensors which can detect all communications generated by civilian modified and non-modified drones and not only one single protocol as well as any flying objects in fixed-wing configuration (planes) or rotorcraft configurations (multicopters such as quadricopters, hexa or octocopters).

Each sensor that we propose is designed by one single highly specialized manufacturer. Due to the very high R&D costs, manufacturers never develop more than two sensors. When they propose a global C-UAS solution, they simply integrate sensors from other manufacturers.

If the hardware components are highly important to detect drones the software part is as well very important. Algorithms must be designed specifically for drones detection and constantly upgraded according to the drone market evolution.

Details, pros and cons about each sensors will be provided in our special C-UAS courses that we will provide in 2020. Please refer to the Course section for further interest.

C-UAS sensors which we provide:

C-UAS disrupting technologies which we provide:

Other technologies

Drone Detection Sys does not propose any other technologies available on the market for technical reasons related to performences and/or legal issuses or simply because some technologies cannot be at all installed in civilian populated urban environement.

*transmitting modules such radars and jammers are strictly regulated by Communications authorities. Such modules can only be acquired and used by governmental bodies under very strict conditions defined by Communications authorities. Regulations regarding those transmitting modules differ from a country to another.