Media appearances related to our C-UAS activity and past Drone (sUAS) activities

C-UAS or Countering Drones Activity

1. 2019, 5 March, Daily Mail newspaper, UK, Security&Countering Terror Expo

2. 2018, 20 December, PBS New Hour newspaper, UK, Interview by Kelvin Chan, Associated Press about Gatwick Disruption

3. 2017, 19 September,CH, Newspaper “Le Temps”, Geneva and hostile drones.

sUAS or Drones Activity

4. 2017, 25 October, CH, Migros Magazine: Drones’ training, October 25th, 2017.

5. 2017, 25 January, CH, Geneva Television: Leman Bleu, Interview about authorization requests and costs for the State of Geneva.

6. 2015, 20 November, CH, Swiss National Television: RTS, Interview about Drones and Security Issues. Go at 2 minutes 29 secondes (2'29'').

7. 2015, 29 May, CH, Newspaper “Le Temps”, Drones and Sport Live Events.

8. 2014, 8 September, CH, Newspaper: “20 Minutes”, Interview about the crash of a drone in downtown Geneva

*transmitting modules such radars and jammers are strictly regulated by Communications authorities. Such modules can only be acquired and used by governmental bodies under very strict conditions defined by Communications authorities. Regulations regarding those transmitting modules differ from a country to another.